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klik di sini untuk mengetahui kaedah menjana pendapatan internet yang terbukti

Tak tau kebenaran cerita ini. Saya bukan pengguna Maxis..saja menyampaikan.

Below was the content taken out from my friend's email to me, this was what happened to him this morning (14-8-08), so every one of us has be careful when you receive any SMS from strangers.

"This morning, while I still sleeping, I heard my hand phone SMS tone ringing. I read the message from number 012-4928392 with content - 'Long time no see already, how are you now?'. I thought it was from an old friend... hence I replied 'Fine how are you'

Then at 10:30am, I received a message from the same number and the content shocked me - 'Anda telah memilih untuk mengaktifkan perkidmatan kami, cash sebanyak Rm10/mingguan akan dikenakan sebagai yuran perkidmatan. Untuk membatalkan perkhidmatan, sila SMS FINE OFF kepada number 333431 dan sebanyak RM20 dikenakan untuk setiap sesi pembatalan.'

I quickly check my balance and ... RM15 had been substracted from my account.

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