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Ini adalah contoh email bodo yang aku terima dari penipu Afrika.Diaorang ingat kita ni sengal sangat ke? Lepas telefon pastu suruh masuk duit hahaha. Aku rasa penipu-penipu pishing website Maybank dan CIMB ni pun kaum-kaum diaorang ni juga la. Ilmu IT tak payah tinggi-tinggi sangat tapi lagi tinggi lagi bagus la..mesti tau basic yang mana scam mana tidak. Kalau tak tak pasal-pasal kena tipu macam program pelaburan internet. Tapi malangnya masih ada yang tertipu dan terpedaya dengan janji-janji manis.

From. Syed Kabore.


Tell. 66-85127XXX1.


I am Syed Kabore, a Somalia driver with private contractor under American Forces in Iraqi, during one of my trip with third infantry division to deliver supply, I come across to what will become blessing to me and my family for all what I have been going through all my life.

Kindly go through this web site.

I was one of the non military officer on the entourage and was able to secure {Five Million Eight Hundred Thousand , United State Dollars. $5.8m } from the fund . since keeping the money in Iraqi will not be safe for me, and taking the money back to Somalia will be dangerous, because of the war in my country, I used the service of private security cargo firm to move the fund out from Iraqi to Thailand and deposited it with safety firm under Family property.

I need your assistance for investing the fund in any good business venture in your country and help me to settle down, I urge you to give this issue serious consideration, do not see it as one of those scam mail, all the information in regards of the deposit is with me, upon your reply , we will discuss the modalities of what will belongs to each of us for your effort.

Call me for more details information.


Syed Kabore.

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