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Dear all,

This afternoon (14/04/2009), while waiting for my husband in front of the bank ( MBB, Jalan Taiping, Klang), I saw a Malay lady bending down to throw some RM1.00 notes behind the tyre of a car parked in front of mine.

After throwing the notes, she knocked the car's window to tell him that he has dropped some money. Right after that, a man came knocking on my window, also telling me that I have dropped something.

Fortunately, I was not conned by them because I have witnessed what that Malay lady was doing. They came in a group of 4 (1 lady and 3 guys whom all look like foreigners; like the Arabian/ Moroccan type).

They will rob you once you open your car door to check.

Please pass this email to all your friends, relatives and colleagues to warn them about these people even if you are not from Klang.

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