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Forward on behalf..harap anda sudi membantu!!
This is my baby girl. Her name is Nur Aimy Sabrina. She was born on 20th Jan 2009. However she has a congenital heart disease since born. She suffers Truncus Arteriosus.

Doctor had advised for a heart surgery which must be done within 6 months from her birthdate.

The cost of operation is about RM50K or more. Currently, she is admitted in NICU General Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar.

On top of that she also suffers Imperforated Anus. There is no hole at her anus like us. Doctor had done an operation at her stomach for temporary measures. They will only fix it permenantly by making hole at her anus after successfully done heart operation and after she is very stable.

Actually, I don't know how to write this correctly, but I am hoping that any people out there who has a good heart and sincerely to help my baby for an operation cost of RM50K. If you are willing to help my baby you can donate at Maybank Account No: 164 1820 08035 (Maiziah Bt Mat Nor , baby's mother)

I would really appreciate your help and sincerity by giving new life to my baby.

For verification, do contact the hospital at 04-7406233 and ask for NICU Ward Intensive Care Unit. The name of the mother (my wife) is Maiziah Mat Nor. Thank you


Faiz Haikal
(the father of the baby)
4 February 2009


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