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Presere your fruits and vegitables!! !

My indonesian mate loves me so much that she shared with me a week ago That she tested a way to preserve fruits and vegetables, which she said Was one of my unty who tought her when she baby-sit at one family in kl. That family was using "aluminum coated plastic bags" to keep their Fruits and vegitables for weeks and its still fresh!!! Its soo amazing.

I thought its a good idea to safe some unwanted resource which most People would throw them away without 2nd thought. And here i am sharing With you the usefulness of the unwanted resource in action.

Here is the kind of aluminium coated plastic bag from quaker. You can Use any other aluminium coated bag would do.

You can put plenty of fruites and/or vegitables in it..Look at what my mate found... After 1 week... The vegitables are still Fresh!!! Amazing!!! Isn't it???! No dehydration at all.:))

Look at the ocras, they are still very very fresh without any Dehydration at all.

But don't fold or seal the opening of the bag. Just leave the bag open And it will do the magic work for you already... Hahhhahahahahahahah a....:)) try it out... You would sure like it very Much too.

** instead of throwing the useful things away, re-use it again, and you Will be inherently joining the group of "saving the mother-earth" Campaign too. :))

** please pass it on **

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